Eliot hanging over the edge of the Ansteys roof!

Eliot hanging over the edge of the Ansteys roof!

Architecture speaks to me! When I see the cracks of the pavement makes certain patterns or lines I feel the need to walk to their rhythm or against it. I will walk, skip or jump, when I see the lines break up to either connect or isolate the cracks. I can’t really explain it – it just happens. This habit has escalated to more risky things in the past recent years. I try to explore new ways of inhabiting a space that is either unimaginable or simply just crazy. I look at a building and try to think of doing something to it or with it that I think hasn’t been done before. So one day for the first time when I was on the roof of Ansteys building, I breathed a heavy yet beautiful sight of the city. And I felt the need to compliment this feeling, especially in a way that no one has ever done before. Then I thought, “okay, I will hang over the edge and give this magnificent view the very life and breath I took from it.” Results? Well, so there I am in the picture! Not crazy though, just more in touch!

I have done it a few times since this incident… nearly fell on one attempt when the edge of the wall gave in. It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life, just to feel my life hanging on a thin edge that could break at any moment – sheeeeeer adrenalin!


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