The War You Don’t See

One of the projects that is currently close to my heart was conceived a few years ago. I embarked on a journey to produce a 10-part series of artistic productions under the theme “The War You Don’t See”, looking at how global conflicts (or movement and/or migration) impact and/or affect children’s lives. So far, 3 productions have been produced or under production:

  1. The Orphan Of Gaza, which looked at how children make sense of living through a catastrophic bombardment.
  2. The Dreamcatcher, which was developed as part of an international collaboration in partnership with Épaulé-Jeté. It looked at how refugee children are integrated into the French schools, especially the playground.
  3. If I Could Fly, which was developed as part of a residency with Arad Goch, a Welsh theatre, looked at how children (and their families) are resettled into the community of Aberystwyth.
  4. The fourth play is expected to be developed during a residency abroad. It will likely look at how movement, as a result of displacement, weaponises memory.
  5. I am also currently conceptualising the fifth installment of the project titled, This Is Not My Border, which looks at migration within Africa. Essentially, it problematises the colonial borders that divide Africa. This is important, especially to me as a South African because we are continuously witnessing how these borders – real and imagined – are being used to justify afro/xenophobic violence.

If you want to share thoughts with me on these projects or propose a potential collaboration (related to this or not), I welcome a conversation wherever you might be. I think we might have established that I love talking to other theatremakers, writers, directors, etc.

Yours in story,
Eliot Moleba


Theatre For Change

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