The Orphan of Gaza

After a rocket attack, a little boy is told that his parents have gone to a better place. Armed with a makeshift aircraft, helmet, GPS and a cockpit full of courage, he and his pet plot a journey to search for them.

The Orphan of Gaza - CT
Theatre Arts Admin Collective, from 30th June until 4th July 2015.

The play was performed at PopArt and Hillbrow Theatre in Johanneburg, Theatre Arts Admin Collective in Cape Town, and National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

A staged reading was also performed in the UK at The Studio, Dolman Theatre Newport directed by Chris Harris.



“It is a story of death and destruction in a war zone, but it is also one of hope and courage that is curiously suited to young people, and one is drawn into the characters trauma empathetically, but without any maudlin sentiment or manipulation.”

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The Orphan of Gaza


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