Sizwe Banzi is Alive (Cape Town)

The official poster of the show in Cape Town.
For every action there is a consequence. For every missing man there is a family living with the mystery of his disappearance. Sizwe Banzi is Alive is a new South African play that recounts a story which is one case of the many unsolved mysteries of our wounded past, people and country. We bring you a heartfelt story of a young man’s search for his grandfather, name and past. A definite blast from the past! by new, young, fresh and creative theatrical minds.
Join us on this EXCITING story and be a part of …our humble professional beginnings as we pay tribute to a past that ties a South African people together. Even more so, come and enjoy a journey of a new work that is a reflection and a conversation with one of South African theatrical classics! This experience is guaranteed to leave all your senses enthralled and met with a theatrical delight!
Performed by: Thato Cele, Masiza Mbali and Simpho Mathenjwa
Directed by: Eliot Moleba

Sometime during our run in Cape Town we had a triple bill with Nicola Elliot’s “Keepsake Minus 3” and Kim Kerfoot’s take on Athol Fugard’s “Statements After an Arrest”

Visit the website below for more details:


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